Oilfield Dog House

The dog house rig serves as an on-site headquarters for any oilfield operation. Essentially an office plopped down in the middle of rugged terrain, it has to be built to endure the conditions, but also needs to be easy to use for those inside. That’s why ITI pays careful attention to the design and construction of every oilfield dog house that we manufacture.

We aim to make oilfield dog houses that make your job simpler. To this end, ITI can fully customize any of our dog houses. We can design and build self-contained trailer mounts, skid mounts, or tag-along trailers to function as the dog house rig. We can also custom manufacture the dog house to have workshop space, self-contained generators or we can even combine it with a soak tank.

You can also choose what kind of material to use for the dog house construction, whether it is aluminum for its light weight properties or stainless steel to resist corrosive materials. We can even manufacture your rig to be stackable. The ultimate option for an oilfield dog house, this will allow you to create a multi-storied headquarters to oversee your oilfield operation. No matter what your needs, we can manufacture the perfect rig.

Rear View of an Oilfield Dog House Trailer

Interior View of a Custom Dog House

An Oilfield Dog House in Transit

ITI specializes in designing and manufacturing oilfield dog houses for a wide range of clients in the oil and gas industry. Our experience in making oilfield truck bodies, trailers and other equipment have naturally lead to the development of dog houses to meet our clients needs and there satisfaction with our quality and service we provide them.

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