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The tough terrain of oilfields requires a tough truck. In addition to being able to withstand difficult off road conditions, these trucks have to be user friendly in even the most difficult situations. That’s why ITI’s oilfield trucks are built to the most rugged standards of durability and usability. From bumper to bumper we make sure that every oil field truck we build is ready to handle the rigors of your job site.

Whether you’re moving in equipment to start drilling or packing up after a project is finished, ITI’s trucks have everything you need. We design all of our oil field trucks especially to handle heavy duty loads. You can also rest assured that loading and unloading will always go smoothly thanks to our user friendly equipment and controls.

Even in the worst conditions, your load will never be at risk nor will your workers. Because we know how important safety is in the uncertain terrain of a job site, we always make sure our oil field trucks are built to the highest standards. From full coverage headache racks to protect the drivers in case of emergency, to camera and controls that allow the operator to perform all functions from the safety of the cab, our trucks never compromise.

Because it’s ITI, you know that all of our oilfield trucks are fully customizable. From aluminum to steel, from bumpers to tool boxes, we can fabricate the parts that will meet your company’s exact needs and specifications.

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