Heavy Haul Trailers Rebuilding & Repair

ITI draws from its years of experience building and servicing all kinds of trucks and trailers in order to offer heavy haul trailer rebuilding and refurbishing. An affordable alternative to buying a brand new trailer or a cost effective way to customize a recent purchase, a rebuild can give you the same capabilities at a fraction of the price.

All you need is a heavy haul trailer. No matter how old it is, or how much wear and tear it has seen, we can scrap the useless parts, fix the broken parts, and replace the missing parts. When all is said and done, your broken down flatbed will have renewed life as an efficient piece of equipment for your operation.

Rebuilt heavy haul trailers also give you the opportunity to install new components and customize your trailer to suit the current needs of your operation. We can add any configuration of custom toolboxes, our air activated easy roller system to simplify loading and unloading, or simply install a step-up bumper.
Even if you just need cosmetic changes to your flatbed trailer, ITI can handle that too. ITI will sand blast your old paint job and put a brand new coat of paint on it for you. Moreover, we can do custom decal work to match any design you request.

Heavy Haul Trailer Wheels & Axles

Complete Frame Rebuilding

Updated Hydraulics & Electrical

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