Tag Along Trailers

When all you need is a little extra room for hauling and a second truck seems like overkill, then the tag-a-long trailer is your answer. A much smaller, light weight trailer, the tag-a-long can carry important tools or supplies to your job site. There is no need for a fifth wheel. Tag-a-longs are designed to attach to a tow eye, and often times will be towed by a dump truck or municipal vehicle.

Whatever your reason for needing a tag-a-long, ITI has the fabrication experience to custom design and build a trailer for your exact operation. Most tag-a-longs are designed for over the road use, but we could also make a more rugged version to ride behind one of our custom built brush trucks or some other specialized vehicle. If you would prefer steel to aluminum, or vice versa, we can handle that too.

Whatever your needs, we will work with you to match your tag-a-long with your operation. If you wish, you can even make the final modifications yourself. Or we could take care of everything; even custom paint and decal work if you want your tag along to match the vehicle pulling it. You make the specs, and we will make the trailer and put a brand new coat of paint on it for you. Moreover, we can do custom decal work to match any design you request.

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