Septic & Grease Trap Pumping Vacuum Trucks

Grease traps are a common yet important part of any commercial food operation and require regular maintenance and removal to function properly. The biggest problem is that many oils and grease coagulate or mix with other residual waste and create a sludge that is difficult to remove. The ITI Grease Trap Pumper Vacuum Truck provides an efficient way to pump and extract even the thickest grease and waste from a kitchen grease trap.

Our vacuum trucks are designed to maximize suction and easily direct the waste to a stainless steel containment tank. Our years of manufacturing vacuum trailers and trucks enable us to create a vacuum truck specifically for handling food service needs.

2500 Gal

3600 Gal with Rear Opened

5500 Gal

Specialty 1600 Gal Grease Truck

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