Oilfield Mud Tanks & Stir Tanks

Another crucial piece of oilfield equipment, ITI designs and manufactures high quality mud and stir tanks to support your oilfield operation. Our high quality fabrication and rugged parts ensure that our mud and stir tanks will hold up during the demanding work on the oil field. This important piece of oilfield equipment will last long beyond your expectations.

Mud and stir tanks are the piece of oilfield equipment responsible for agitation. Used to make the slurry during the drilling process, these tanks keep the solution in constant motion. As a result, mud and stir tanks prevent settling and ensure that the chemicals in the slurry are always evenly distributed.

Since properly maintained slurry is vital to an effective drilling process, ITI takes great care in manufacturing mud and stir tanks that have been designed to meet your specific oilfield needs. We understand that every operation requires unique mud and stir tanks. This may require major customization to your oilfield equipment or subtle changes that would go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Either way, ITI will fully customize your mud and stir tanks to meet any specifications.

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