Double Drop Heavy Haul Trailers

Similar to the drop deck, the ITI double drop flatbed trailer also serves your need to haul tall loads over long distances while meeting all clearance requirements. The double drop trailer, however, rides even lower to the ground giving you that extra bit of clearance you need for those unusually high-riding loads.

Aside from clearance, we build our double drop flatbed trailers to specifications similar to our drop decks. The standard dimensions are 102 inches wide and between 45 and 48 feet long, giving you a solid platform for oversized loads. 2 inch thick oak decking makes up the floor of the bed, and our air activated easy roller system makes loading and unloading your double drop trailer as efficient as possible. ITI double drop trailers simultaneously take advantage of lightweight materials and the ability to haul heavy duty loads. This means you’ll save money on fuel costs without sacrificing durability.

As with all of our trucks and trailers, ITI can also customize your double drop to suit your needs. You can choose from spring or air ride equipped, heavy duty tow eyes, and aluminum or stainless steel decking. We will even design double drop trailers with multiple axles and custom dimensions. With ITI there is never a reason to settle for anything less than the perfect double drop configuration.

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