Oilfield Trucks and Trailers

ITI’s oilfield trucks and trailers are designed to handle the toughest oilfield job site. Built to the highest standards of durability, our oil field trucks and trailers also offer the advantage of extremely intuitive controls and an array of useful features. Our team will work with you to fully customize any truck or trailer to meet the demands of your oil field operation and requirements.

Oilfield Trucks

ITI oilfield trucks are built to conquer the toughest terrains day in and day out.

Oilfield Winch Tractors

Practical towing and hauling solutions in a powerful package; a good winch tractor is essential on the oil field.

Tandem Flatbed Trucks

Our trucks and trailers are built to get the job done under the toughest conditions.

Road Tractors

For those long hauls to and from the oilfield, this road tractor maximizes load size and fuel efficiency.

Oilfield Vacuum Tank Trucks

Essential for shipping in water, fracturing the well, and pumping out brine, no oil field can function without the vacuum truck.

Oilfield Trailers

A step up from our oil field trucks, our trailers bring the same rugged and dependable hauling capacities.

Oilfield Float Trailers

The trailer equivalent of a flatbed, this oil field trailer is capable of moving sizable equipment in and out of the job site.

Lowboy Trailers

Designed to give you extra clearance, this trailer rides low to transport taller equipment and hauling heavy oilfield equipment.

Pipe Trailers

Our heavy duty oil field trailer designed especially for moving in piping and drill steel.

ITI proudly manufactures a complete line of oilfield trucks and trailers in Pennsylvania. Our years of experience in building trucks for the oil and gas industry have not only taught us what to build for this industry but how to build it to last in this demanding environment. One of our greatest benefits is our ability to customize one or several hundred trucks and or trailers to meet your exact specifications.

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