Drop Deck Heavy Haul Trailers

When you need to haul tall equipment over long distances but you expect clearance to be an issue, the ITI drop deck trailer is ideal. Our drop decks trailers are tough enough to handle heavy duty loads but light enough not to break the bank. Our superior design and craftsmanship mean better fuel efficiency and easier to use equipment. Plus, the durability of ITI trailers will save you money in the long run.

Our drop deck trailers ride lower to the ground giving you more clearance for passing underneath bridges or through tunnels. Their standard dimensions are 102 inches wide, 45-48 feet long, and 2 inch thick oak decking makes up the bed. ITI drop decks can be air ride or spring ride equipped according to your operation’s needs. Plus, our air activated easy roller system make loading and unloading easier than it’s ever been.

Of course, if you need a drop deck flatbed trailer built to your specifications we can customize to accommodate your needs. If you need a heavy duty tow eye, a custom bumper, or would prefer a stainless steel or aluminum deck, we have you covered. We can even design and build your drop deck to custom dimensions and multiple-axle configurations. There’s no reason to settle on a trailer that has almost everything you want, when we will build one to your exact specifications.

Drop Deck Trailer Rear View

Rugged Frame Construction

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