Vacuum Tank Trailers

Vacuum Tank Trailers

When it is time to step up to a fifth wheel design, our vacuum tank trailers offer the most load space available. For those large jobs when a truck just won’t do, from caustic, to residual waste, to chemicals, the vacuum trailer is designed to handle the most serious laods without compromise. Longer and sturdier than a vacuum truck, the trailer offers more capacity for larger projects.

This West Canadian Truck & Vacuum Tank Trailer (Shown Above) features 170 BBL Carbon Steel Dumping Full opening rear door. This unit also features heated valves and primary.

Another unique benefit is our size, small enough to customize vacuum trucks to your exact specifications and large enough to produce them in volume. Whether you need a single vacuum truck or en entire fleet, we offer the capacity, capability and experience to exceed your requirements. We use only the best materials and parts from industry leading companies in assembling our vacuum trucks. Our craftsmanship ensures a longer life for your vehicle and we back up our products with continued service and parts support so that you have a single source for years of trouble free operation.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Truck Features

Vacuum Truck Drip Containment Pan
Tank in Lifted Position

Stainless Steel Containment Pan
Custom Stainless Steel
Drip Containment Pan

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