Vacuum Trucks & Trailers

Vacuum trucks and trailers serve a variety of purposes from cleaning a restaurant’s grease trap to removing residual waste. Your particular operation’s requirements will determine which piece of equipment is right for you, but whatever you decide, you can rest assured that ITI’s trucks and trailers are built with the most trusted parts and highest quality craftsmanship.

The vacuum truck excels at lighter duty jobs. More maneuverable than the larger trailers, it is ideal for residential and commercial work that requires driving in city and suburban streets. Our unique design uses fewer load lines and light weight materials, giving you a greater payload.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Trucks
Aluminum Oil Field Vacuum Trucks
Carbon Steel Vacuum Trucks
DOT 407 & 412 Cargo Trailers


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Aluminum Vacuum Trucks & Trailers
Our oilfield vacuum trucks and trailers featuring aluminum tanks for lightweight durable operations in oilf ields.
Stainless Vacuum Trucks & Trailers
ITI’s stainless steel vacuum trucks are designed to pump corrosive environmental liquids and water from oil fields.
Carbon Steel Vacuum Trucks & Trailers
Our high quality oilfield vacuum tantks featurng carbon steel tansk for the ultimate in durability and strength.
DOT 407 - 412 Cargo Tank Trailer
These cargo tank trailers are specially designed to haul chemicals over the rod and feature insulated tanks.
Grease Trap Pumper Truck
Make grease trap pumping easier with our portable grease trap pumping truck.
Portable Restroom Trailers
Our trailers improve restroom facilities by providing an easier to manage system over trditional porta-potties.
When a job is too large for a vacuum truck it’s time to step up to the trailer. Our trailers are longer and sturdier than the standard trucks. Also designed for over the road use, they implement light weight materials to increase payload and improve fuel efficiency.

Whichever truck you choose, ITI will customize it to suit your needs. If you need heavy duty components or custom controls, we can handle it. We even offer custom paint and decal work so that your equipment can look as good as the job it does.

Vacuum Tank Manufacturing
Vacuum Tank Welding
Plasma Cutting Stainless Steel

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