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Winch Tractor

One crucial piece of equipment for every job site, the winch tractor provides practical towing and hauling solutions for the oil field with an easy to use fifth wheel for your oil field trailers. Our oil field winch tractors are designed specifically for the rugged off-road terrain you deal with every day. We put durability and toughness first so that they can handle the most rigorous tests day in and day out for years to come.

Whether your operation requires aluminum or steel oilfield winch tractors, we can design and build custom truck bodies that will meet your oil field needs. We implement the highest quality winches to ensure consistent and effective results. Your truck will also include a headache rack built to suit your needs and optional AmSteel Blue Rope as a safety upgrade to the steel cables used on most winches.

We pay close attention to the usability of our winch tractors. Because we know how frustrating an impractical piece of equipment can be, we make sure that every inch of our oil field winch tractors are designed with your needs in mind. From top to bottom your operators will find ITI trucks to be the most user-friendly pieces of equipment they ever encounter. We know your job is hard enough. ITI winch tractors make it easier.

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