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ITI Road Tractor

ITI upfits its road tractors to take full advantage of light weight materials and expert design to increase load size and fuel efficiency while maintaining compliance with road and bridge laws. Our road tractors also keep your driver in mind, with attention to comfortable and intuitive operation.

Best of all, our road tractors have the quality of all ITI trucks. With the best parts and craftsmanship, and full customization capability, we can design a superior truck for your company’s needs. From fifth wheel, to front bumper we can match any specifications that you can imagine. Don’t settle when you can have a road tractor upfitted exactly the way you want it.

8535 Mason Dixon Hwy - Meyersdale, PA 15552
Phone: 814-634-0080 - Fax: 814-634-5846 Toll Free: 888-634-0080
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Road Tractor Front View
Road Tractor

Road Tractor Rear View
Rear View

Side View
Road Tractor Side View

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