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Winch Tractor

Working on a drilling operation, you understand the importance of water. We understand too, which is why ITI offers a top-of-the-line oilfield vacuum truck. Like all of our oilfield trucks the vacuum truck can handle the harshest terrains and conditions with confidence. Quality parts and craftsmanship mean every ITI truck possesses the durability to last for years.

Of course, durability means nothing if your truck can't get the job done. ITI oilfield vacuum - water trucks will tackle all of your vacuum needs effectively and consistently. Whether you are hauling in water to get the job started, pumping out brine, or beginning the fracturing process, ITI vacuum trucks are up to the task. Our expertly designed controls keep operator efficiency and safety in mind to make sure every job goes smoothly.

If you require specialty equipment or custom designs for your operation, we can handle that too. From aluminum to stainless and everything in between, we can custom fit every oilfield vacuum truck to suit your job. We will tailor your piece of equipment or truck component and provide the parts and service to keep it running for many years.

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Stainless Steel Oilfield Vacuum Truck

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5 Axle Vacuum Truck

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