Oilfield Trailers

Oilfield Trailer

A trailer may only be as good as its truck, but a truck is also only as good as its trailer. That's why ITI designs and builds some of the best oilfield trailers in the business. Equipped to handle heavy duty loads, our oilfield trailers don’t have a problem about maneuvering over bulldozer made roads or loading and unloading equipment in situations that would give lesser trailers problems.

Like all of our trucks and trailers, ITI’s oilfield trailers are fully customizable, meaning you’ll get a truck that meets your needs. We can adjust the length of the trailer, use the materials you request, or make whatever modifications you desire.

Regardless, of what choices you make when it comes to the details, you can be assured that our trailers are designed with safety features, making hard jobs as simple as possible. From float trailers and lowboys, to pipe and casing, our trailers are designed to make hauling your oilfield equipment as effortless as possible. ITI’s oilfield trailers will exceed your expectations in all areas from durability to usability. Our goal is to never disappoint our customers.

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