Oil Field Skid Tanks

Skid TanksSince nearly every piece of oilfield equipment must be mobile, they will almost always be skid mounted. From mud and stir tanks to dog houses to air tanks, ITI makes oilfield skid tanks to accommodate every piece of equipment that you will ever use. Our quality craftsmanship and heavy duty construction ensure that our skids will hold up to the punishment of constantly being dragged around the oil field, no matter how rugged the terrain.

Unlike the dry conditions in the southwest, oil fields in other regions face the harsh realities of wet ground. That’s why ITI “mud-boats” all of its oilfield skid tanks. A heavy piece of steel under the entire skid increases mobility in the muddy terrains of the oil field. This makes moving your tanks and equipment easier, saving you from frustration and wasted time.

As with all of our oilfield equipment, ITI skid tanks are fully customizable. We can design them to mount any piece of equipment you can imagine. From extremely compact skids, to 45 foot floaters, nothing is out of our reach. Whether you need a few small skids or a whole fleet of skid tanks to fuel cells, we will always work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Oilfield Skid Tank on a Trailer

Oil Field Skid Tank on Lowboy Trailer

Close up of  skid tank

Close Up of a Skid Tank

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