Oil Field Pipe Tub

Pipe Tub

ITI oilfield pipe tubs fill an important niche need in the oil field. Designed to serve one purpose and to serve it well, pipe tubs provide storage space for the always crucial pipe and drill steel. Since they will have to endure the bumps and bruises that come with the regular loading and unloading of equipment, ITI builds every one of its oilfieldpipe tubs out of mounted steel for maximum durability in the field.

In addition to standard pipe tubs, ITI manufactures both center tubs and open-sided tubs. Designed to fit in the middle of the tubs, the appropriately named center pipe tub is reinforced with extra bracing to accommodate the rigorous burdens it has to bear on a regular basis. On the other hand, open-sided oilfield pipe tubs allow for forklift access to make loading and unloading as simple as possible.

As with all of the products at ITI, we can fully customize your pipe tubs to best serve the needs of your oilfield operation. We can handle such requests as extra large dimensions, top-mounted wenches, or numerous other modifications. At ITI, we will always work to make sure that your oilfield pipe tubs are perfectly suited to your needs.

Oil Field Pipe Tube

Side View Pipe Tube

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