Oil Field Equipment

ITI supports your oil field operations by manufacturing a wide range of oil field equipment. From skids and mud tanks todog houses and frac tanks, we bring quality parts and expert craftsmanship to every piece of oil field equipment we build. Furthermore, we offer complete customization on all of our equipment. We can design your equipment with any features or to any dimensions you require. This means never having to work around the limitations of your oilfield equipment. Instead, ITI equipment will make your work easier and more efficient.

Aluminum Oil Field Vacuum Trucks
Stainless Steel Vacuum Trucks
Carbon Steel Vacuum Trucks
DOT 407 & 412 Cargo Trailers

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Oil Field Dog Houses
The dog house rig serves as an on-site headquarters for any oilfield operation.
Frac Tanks
ITI frac tanks are designed to withstand the rugged conditions found on the job site.
Mud Tanks & Stir Tanks
Mud and stir tanks are the piece of oilfield equipment used for agitation and to make the slurry during the drilling.
Pipe Tubs
Pipe tubs provide storage space for the always crucial pipe and drill steel.
Skid Tanks
ITI manufactures oil field skid tanks to accommodate every piece of equipment that you will ever use.
Oil Field Trailers
In addition to manufacturing equipment we also manufacture the trilers to haul it to you job site.
ITI is leading manufacturer of oil field equipment in addition to our oil field trailers and truck bodies. We our proud of our reputation for quality and believe that manufacturing equipment to the requirements and specification of our customers is key to developing not only long term partnerships but to build equipment that solves your clients needs.

ITI is proud to be Pennsylvania manufacturer and enables us to strengthen our community through jobs and invstments from the sucess of our products and services.

Vacuum Tank Manufacturing
Vacuum Tank Welding
Plasma Cutting Stainless Steel

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