Steel Dump Trailers

We like to think of our steel dump trailers as one of the hardest working pieces of equipment we build. Up to 40 feet long, this trailer is for jobs that require more payload than a simple dump body can handle. Its heavy duty construction also guarantees that you won’t ever have to worry about how this trailer will hold up even under the most brutal conditions or the worst terrains. ITI’s steel dump trailers get the job done.

Whether you are dealing with large demolition projects, serious scrap removals or something else entirely, our steel trailers give you the perfect dumping solution. These trailers can haul useful material to the job site or remove debris with equal ease. And because its ITI, you know you are getting a quality, long lasting piece of equipment. Our expert craftsmanship and top-of-the-line parts ensure unrivaled durability.

These steel dump trailers are not just about putting in the hours. ITI also helps you get the most out of your time. High lift gates and ground controlled two way tail gates make our steel dump trailers extremely versatile in the field. We also offer a wide range of customization options. No matter what your operation requires, we can design a steel trailer to match.

Heavy Duty Steel Dump Trailer

ITI Steel Dump Trailer

Large Steel Dump Trailer

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