Septic Vacuum Trucks

Septic Vacuum Truck

For lighter duty vacuum work, an ITI septic vacuum truck has everything you need. An all in one, tandem truck, our vacuum trucks are designed especially for commercial and residential work. They are light enough and small enough to negotiate city streets, but can still handle substantial loads. Our unique design requires fewers load lines making the vacuum truck lighter and leaving more space for the load.

As with all ITI vehicles, our septic trucks can be customized to your exact specifications. If the light duty bumpers don’t suit you, we will swap them for something sturdier. If you need a custom lighting set-up or tool box arrangement, we will equip the vacuum truck accordingly. Whether you need one truck, or a whole fleet, we will make sure they are custom designed for your operation.

As always, with our vacuum trucks you get the ITI quality parts and craftsmanship that ensure a longer life for your vehicle. You also get our attention to safety and usability that makes any job go that much more smoothly, saving time and money. Plus, if a problem does arise with your septic truck, we have the service experience to get it back on the road for you in no time.

Septic Vacuum Truck

For more information about our Septic Vacuum Trucks or to contact a representative about your specific needs, please call us at 888-634-0080 or click here to contact us online.
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ITI SepticTruck
ITI Septic Truck

Septic Truck Deail
Septic Truck Detail

Truck Detail
Septic Truck Detail

Rear View Septic Vacuum Truck
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