Municipal Trucks - Dump Bodies & Snow Plows

ITI is proud to serve the community with its municipal truck bodies. Designed for a variety of purposes, all of our municipal trucks are built to last through many years of use. We use quality fabricated aluminum or steel and top-of-the-line parts to ensure every truck’s durability.

From PENDOT to New York City, we have built municipal trucks for all kinds of operations. Snow removal in the city is a primary concern. Our experience designing and fabricating every aspect of snow removal trucks has given us the expertise needed to deliver the best municipal trucks in the business.

We have installed snow plows, wing plows, and state-of-the-art hydraulics specifically for municipal trucks. Plus our superior in-cab controls allow operators to run the plow, bed, and materials broadcast with ease. Operating all of these devices from inside the cab also means that settings can be changed while on the road whenever conditions change.

Our customization capabilities allow you to order exactly what your municipal operation requires. From bumper to bumper, we can tailor your municipal truck to meet your needs. Whether you need one truck or a whole fleet, we are equipped to handle your requests.

For more information about our Municipal trucks and snow plow trucks, please call us at 888-634-0080 or click here to contact us online.

Municipal Dump Truck
ITI Municipal Dump Truck

Municipal Dump Bodies
Municipal Dump Truck Bodies

Municipal Truck - Snow Plow
Municipal Snow Plow
Highway Maintenance Truck

In Can Hydraulic Control
In-Cab Control
Centralized Hydrualic System

Center Snow Plow Mount
Front Plow Sub Frame
(Optional Center Snow Plow Mount)

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Municipal Truck Options:

Hydraulic Options

- Gear Pumps
- Piston Pumps
- Spreader Controls
- Double Acting Hoist

Municipal Options

- 2 Way Tailgates
- Sliding Ladders
- Chain Boxes
- Tarp Systems
- Printel Plates
- Lift Axles
- Pintle Plate w Hook
- Aluminum Tool Boxes
- Wing Plows
- Auto Greasing System

Available Safety Features

- Sealed Light System
- Spreader Lights
- Revolving Lights
- Plow Lights
- Strobe Lights
- L.E.D. Lights
- Safety Hooks
- Conspicuity Tape

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