Oilfield Pole Trucks

Oilfield Pole Truck
A very specialized piece of equipment, the oilfield pole truck supports many operations vital to the success of any project. As with all of our oilfield trucks and flatbeds, ITI builds every pole truck to endure the rigors and difficult terrain that come with working on an oil field. Heavy duty construction ensures that ITI pole trucks will make short work of even the most difficult conditions, while our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail guarantees consistency in the face of rugged use.

The oilfield pole truck serves a limited but important role on the job site. Essentially a small crane, the pole truck is the key tool for rigging and assembly of your drill site. In order to make set-up and tear-down as simple as possible, ITI can fully customize any oilfield pole truck to suit the particular needs of your operation, whether that means increased versatility or just one uniquely designed part.

For more information about our oilfield pole trucks or to contact a representative about your specific needs, please call us at 888-634-0080 or click here to contact us online. As a result of our attention to detail and full customization capabilities, ITI manufactures oilfield pole trucks that are not only more durable, but also more efficient. Features like in-cab controls and wireless remotes will allow your operators simultaneously to work quickly and safely. With ITI oilfield pole trucks you can do bigger jobs in less time.
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